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Invest in Pakistan Conference held in Plug n’Play Centre, Silicon Valley

The Invest in Pakistan Conference was held in the Plug n’Play Centre at the Silicon Valley in Sunnyvale, San Fransico on May 15, 2022.

The Conference was attended by Wanz Global Group Chairman, Shoaib Ahmad, CEO Wanz International Technology , Syed Aminullah Hussaini accompanied by Director General, Higher Education Commission Mr. Noman Ahsan and Head of Marketing IoBM and Wajahat Hussain.

Mr. Masood Khan, Pakistani Ambassador to the USA also attended the Conference. He appreciated the contribution and the role played by the American Pakistani’s in the US Pakistan relationship. He highlighted the business potential of Pakistan, incentives available to foreign investors, and IT potential of the Pakistani Youth.

The Wanz Group highlighted the contribution and the role played by the the Group in bridging the demand and supply gap in the Digital world, both locally and abroad.

The Conference was apprised that Wanz was to participate in the Pak Tech Expo Conference scheduled in Santa Clara Conference Centre in September 2022.

Wanz will sponsor 25 of the 75 Pakistani Startups identified and shortlisted by it in the Conference where these Startups will get an opportunity to meet Foreign Investors and Venture Capitalists who will show case and Display their Products.

The startups will have an opportunity to inform the various features of their products, Technologies used, advantages and costs.

The Conference will serve as an excellent forum for Pakistan to highlight the exciting opportunities that Pakistan professionals can offer to international investors.

More than 300 Participants Venture Capitalists, CEO’s, IT Professionals and Business Startups were invited to attend the Conference.